Adopt a child from foster care

If you live in Lackawanna County and you are open to both adopting and fostering…

The first step is to get approved as a Lackawanna County Foster Family, and you will work directly with the County of Lackawanna County.

Once you are approved, the expectation is that you will be available to foster, and your goal to adopt will be embraced and considered throughout the process.

If your primary motivation is to adopt…

Contact The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network at 1-800-555-7926.


Foster a child in Lackawanna County & help your community

Foster care is hard and messy and rewarding. Good caseworkers make all the difference.

Sara and Gavin Walker

Fostering children has changed our lives in the best way. Don’t let fear stop you from opening your heart to a child in need

Mary and David Colon


Do I always need to foster before I can adopt?

Yes. The parents of the children in the custody of Lackawanna County OYFS maintain parental rights until every effort has been made to reunify a child. While attempts to reunify are being made the child remains in foster care. Planning for permanency is done concurrently. When efforts to reunify are unsuccessful, adoption or legal custodianship are pursued. As a foster parent with Lackawanna County OYFS, you can expect to be the foster parent of a child who may return to live with their parent or family member. You can also expect to be the foster parent of a child you may adopt.

How Long does it take to adopt from foster care?

Due to Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) timelines, foster families can expect to have a child in their home for approximately 12 months prior to termination of parental rights. The timeline is extended if the parent(s) is engaged in efforts to reunify/plan contested in court.

What is the cost of adopting a child from foster care through Lackawanna County OYFS?

If you are a foster parent with Lackawanna County OYFS, you will not incur expenses for your home study or background clearances. You may incur an expense for getting a medical appraisal, but we have low cost or free options for families here (link). Foster parents have the option of selecting their own attorney for the adoption process. A portion of this expense can be reimbursed after the adoption is finalized.

If I am a foster parent with Lackawanna County OYFS, am I only allowed to adopt children in foster care through Lackawanna County?

Yes. As a foster parent with Lackawanna County OYFS you will only be able to adopt children in foster care through Lackawanna County.

As a foster parent, do I have to maintain contact with the child’s biological family?

For children entering foster care, leaving the home can be an isolating and scary experience. We support children and foster parents in maintaining connections with parents, family, and other individuals who are important to wellbeing and development of the child. What this arrangement looks like is different for every child and family but will always be navigated with the full support of your agency team.

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