William J. Browning

William Browning

William Browning is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and is the Executive Director for the Lackawanna County Department of Human Services. Mr. Browning began his professional career as a caseworker in the Harlem/Washington Heights section of Manhattan. He returned to his roots in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania as Director of Lackawanna County Children & Youth. There, in partnership with a newly developed professional workforce, established Lackawanna County Office of Youth and Family Services (formerly, Children and Youth Services) as a leader in outcomes and innovation throughout the state and nation. Currently, as Director of Human Services he has expanded his partnerships throughout county social services to create lasting positive change for the County’s most vulnerable population while never losing sight of the importance of family and social connections to instill resiliency.

Mr. Browning lives in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania with his wife who is also his partner in Human Services, and his very active eight-year-old son. He also has two wonderful adult daughters in Buffalo, New York.

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